Christopher Tyng is an American musician, songwriter, producer, composer, and technologist.  He holds numerous awards from BMI & SESAC; two OFTA nominations and a win for best TV theme (Futurama). Music from his scores and projects have been streamed millions of times by fans the world over. Tyng's new electronic music project ARKIT)(T  ("Architects") is a mash-up of live musicians, EDM, DJ routines, and cutting-edge visual performance.  He is the founder and Executive Producer of the GROW MUSIC PROJECT, a "pay-it-forward" indie-music artist incubator; and is a founding member of the new artist collective BAD PENGUIN.

As a musician, Tyng draws on a broad knowledge of musical cultures, styles and genres, bringing a unique approach to the music he creates.  From songwriting and producing bands, to scoring with live orchestras, to performing everything himself, Tyng is equally at home in front the microphone, behind the faders in the studio, onstage performing live, or creating bespoke sound design libraries with his extensive collection of acoustic, electronic, and world instruments.  With every project, Tyng continues to cultivate new musical territory that is memorable, emotional, and compelling.

In his work composing original scores for television series and films, Tyng’s notable projects range from the electronica and neo-soul music on USA Network's hit series SUITS to the moody score for the Golden Globe nominated drama RESCUE ME; the indie-influenced score for the genre-defining hit FOX series THE OC; and the space-age-retro electronica theme and live orchestral underscore for Matt Groening’s Emmy award-winning FUTURAMA. Rounding out his scoring resume are numerous scores and songs for independent and major TV and film releases from ABC, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros., Sony, FOX, HBO, Touchstone, Polygram, and Interscope - among many others.

Known to be on the cutting edge of music and music technology, Tyng is accomplished at inventing custom instruments, music equipment, performance environments and workflows. He is behind the systems design and implementation of multiple commercial studios for his own use, as well as a post/dubbing studio for Futurama at 20th Century Fox.  Tyng’s current studio complex is noted as one of the most creatively inspiring and technically sophisticated studios the world over. It includes a unique revolving-floor control room (where the engineer/producer remains in the acoustic “sweet spot” of the room - no matter what workstation/console is being used); a multi-camera soundstage and performance space with full concert-lighting trusses; editorial suites; and additional recording/writing rooms that house a carefully curated collection of acoustic instruments, vintage analog and modular synthesizers, and boutique recording equipment. Tyng is innovative in his use of the studio's main workstation platforms Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live and NI Traktor.

Tyng is a founding member of BAD PENGUIN, a new artist collective that is expanding the boundaries of integrated live music and live visual experiences.  Building on the success of PYRAMORPHOSIS, a custom-fabricated 30,000 pixel-mapped LED Art Car and performance stage that debuted at Burning Man 2019, BAD PENGUIN is getting ready to debut BOX of D'LITES - a 225,000 3-D mappable pixel light "cube" that can be performed like an instrument to match the music emanating from the stage within. Tyng's new EDM project ARKIT)(T will be one of the acts featured in upcoming performances.




Suits                                                                                                                 USA Network 
Seasons 1 – 9 (120 Episodes) 
NBC Universal/Hypnotic 
Producers:  Doug Liman, Aaron Korsch, Dave Bartis, Gene Klein 
Futurama                                                                                                      FOX/Comedy Central 
Seasons 1 – 7 (140 Episodes) 
20th Century Fox Television 
Producers: Matt Groening, David X Cohen 
Covert Affairs                                                                                           USA Network 
Season 1 (11 Episodes) 
NBC Universal/Hypnotic 
Producers:  Doug Liman, Dave Bartis, Gene Klein, Matt Corman 
The OC                                                                                                           FOX 
Warner Bros. Television 
Seasons 1 – 2 (52 Episodes) 
Producers:  McG, Doug Liman, Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage 
Rescue Me                                                                                                    FX 
Seasons 1 – 5 (74 Episodes) 
Sony Pictures Television/DreamWorks Television 
Producers:  Peter Tolan, Denis Leary 
Knight Rider                                                                                               NBC 
NBC Universal 
Season 1 (18 Episodes) 
Producers:  Doug Liman, Dave Bartis, Gene Klein, Dave Andron, 
                   Gary Scott Thompson 
The Job                                                                                                          ABC 
Seasons 1 – 2 (19 Episodes) 
ABC Entertainment/DreamWorks Television 
Producers:  Peter Tolan, Denis Leary, Lauren Corrao 
Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire                Comedy Central 
Comedy Central 
Season 1 (6 Episodes) 
Producers:  Peter Knight, Brad Johnson 
Finding Amanda                                                                                 Capacity Pictures 

Director:  Peter Tolan 
The Girl Next Door (Additional Score)                                               Regency Enterprises 
Director:  Luke Greenfield 
Bookies                                                                                                    Intermedia Films 
Director:  Mark Illsley 
Seven Girlfriends                                                                              White Dwarf Prod. 
Director:  Paul Lazarus 
The Bumblebee Flies Anyway                                                 Shooting Gallery 
Director:  Martin Dufffy 
Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis                                         BBC Films 
Director:  John Henderson 
The Associate                                                                                          Touchstone Pictures 
Director:  Donald Petrie 
Kazaam                                                                                                          Touchstone Pictures 
Director:  Paul Michael Glaser 
The Diamond of Jeru                                                                        USA Network 
Director:  Dick Lowry, Ian Barry 
Olive, the Other Reindeer                                                            FOX 
Director:  Steve Moore 
Slave of Dreams                                                                                   Showtime 
Director:  Robert M. Young 
Futurama: The Game                                                           Vivendi Universal 
The Simpson’s: Road Rage                                                EA 
The Simpson’s: Wrestling                                                  Activision