The GROW MUSIC PROJECT has been created by songwriter/producer CHRISTOPHER TYNG to be a launchpad for emerging and deserving independent artists and bands. Our mission is to offer talented and emerging new artists the opportunity to have their most promising song professionally produced, recorded, and mixed in our world-class recording studio, typically each over a 2-3 day intensive studio session, entirely for free and with no strings attached. In addition, these artists will be showcased and featured on the GROW MUSIC PROJECT website, their own sites and links promoted, and may also receive additional opportunities for advancement, exposure, and song placement in the Music, Film & Television Industry.

Artists will be chosen through a free online submission and selection process, and those selected will be invited to work with Chris at Star Hill Studio, a world-class private recording facility and artistic oasis. Each artist will end up with the full ownership and control of their finished song master, to use and exploit in whatever manner suits them best; with no producer points assigned or mechanical rights or publishing rights given away, nor any other ongoing financial or contractual obligation of any kind by the artist required.


To put it simply, this is about us "PAYING IT FORWARD." We love discovering and working with compelling new artists, and helping great new songs come to life in the studio. Our goal is to help bring to light a selection of self-motivated artists that are already working hard to achieve their goals; who really deserve to be noticed, and who can use the extra push that comes from having their best song produced and recorded in a high-end creative environment and with the benefit of some of the best available recording tools.

We also love the idea of collaborating with and helping to grow a talented music community that supports and helps its' members. We believe that everyone involved in such a community benefits in many and often unexpected ways in the process.


CHRISTOPHER TYNG is a songwriter, composer and producer who has worked with a wide variety of successful artists, and has written and produced music and songs for successful movies and television series in Hollywood over the past 20 years. As an integral member of the music team and often the sole composer of the music scores on TV shows such as "THE OC", "FUTURAMA", "RESCUE ME", "COVERT AFFAIRS", "SUITS" as well as many others, Chris has helped define and shape the sound and signature musical styles for these iconic and music-aware series, which in-turn have helped introduce and boost the careers of many new and independent artists. Through his experience writing, recording, and producing everything from large live orchestras to punk-rock, reggae, folk, neo-soul, electronica and everything in between, Chris has honed a unique sensibility and a wide palette of sonic techniques with which to help new artists create and refine their songs and musical identity.


Star Hill Studio is Chris' personal recording facility located near Santa Barbara, CA., and will be the primary production location for the GROW MUSIC PROJECT. Artists will be invited to work and stay at the facility during their sessions [any travel requirements will be the responsibility of the artist]. Designed by Chris and celebrated studio designer Chris Pelonis, and having gone through an extensive rebuild and retrofit in 2011 which included new accommodations for visiting bands and musicians, the studio offers a recording environment and equipment list that's on par with the world's very best recording studios. Capable of capturing an artist's performance with both gritty lo-fi attitude or euphoric high-end, and with an extensive collection of vintage and modern boutique outboard hardware and microphones, Studer tape machines, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live and other computer DAWs, and a beautiful collection of in-house recording instruments, Star Hill is the perfect environment to help artists realize their unique musical personality.


Artists will be able to submit themselves for consideration through an online submission form at www.GROWMUSICPROJECT.com.  In order to submit for GMP, CLICK HERE.