GMP • The Session Diaries - Ep.#03 - Dialtone

Hometown:  North Hollywood, CA

Why we love DIALTONE here at GMP:

Simply put, “Wind Me Up” [which you can check out below] k-i-c-k-s ass.  In their music, Dialtone embodies many of my own favorite qualities of great rock and roll songs from the last 5 decades of popular music; from as far-flung references as The Monkees, to XTC, to The Ramones - from Weezer, to Foo Fighters - to current radio mainstays like Modest Mouse.  You know that their live show is going to rock; it’s going to be a sh@tload of fun, and it’s going to be unbridled and LOUD - in a really really good way.  And here’s the really cool thing about “Wind Me Up,” especially for us musician-types; they pull off THIS hooky and rocking a track - one that “regular” fans will want to tap their feet along to, and airdrum on their steering wheels with the stereo cranked to the max - in 5/4 … an odd-meter time signature.  That’s no easy feat to pull off - and one I’ll bet most listeners won’t even realize. 

Why you need to know about DIALTONE:

If you’re not sold when the chorus explodes out of the intro of "Wind Me Up" that these guys should be blasted from your car all summer, well... we can’t help you.  For the rest of us, and especially us here at GMP, we can’t wait for them to get into the studio and soak the console meters into the red. 


- Chris, Grow Music Project Staff
Here's some info about the band:
Dialtone has created a unique sound by adding a modern take on the music of the 60s and 70s. As a power quartet from L.A., the group has extensive road experience under their belt including three self-funded tours (regional & national). They play three to four shows a month and have played all the major clubs around town including The Whisky, House Of Blues, The Viper Room, and The Roxy. They regularly draw big crowds at their shows and have a strong following in North Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Portland. They also have an extended international reach including fans in Mexico and Indonesia.
Check out "Wind Me Up" by DIALTONE -