GMP • The Session Diaries - Ep.#04 - Holly Henry

Hometown:  Minneapolis, MN

Why we love Holly Henry here at GMP:

Compellingly haunting.  Enthrallingly dreamy.  Cinematically wistful.
All just words. And inadequate, really, to describe what you'll feel when you first hear Holly Henry's music; one searches, and ultimately arrives at a jumble of convoluted adjectives that don't portray even half the journey her voice takes you on once she starts to sing.  So how's this - she's just "it".   Your ears will tell you that the moment you push play below.  And your heart will tell you that, as always, words are poor bedfellows when suddenly immersed in pure emotion.

Why you need to know about Holly Henry:
If you recognize Holly as a contestant from this year's season of "The Voice", then you only know a small bit of the story.  With a voice and lyrical prowess far wiser than her nineteen years and a true gift for re-imagining and re-interpreting other artist's songs, Holly had already amassed hundreds of thousands of YouTube views and many many thousands of YouTube subscribers - well before having all four of the celebrity judges spin to fight over her on that show.  And all of these organic fans she's attracted (including us here @ GMP) had already discovered something that we feel "The Voice" never understood about Holly - that the power behind a great song needn't come from loud guitars or an all-engines-go band arrangement.  Often the most powerful impact can come from the most intimate of performances.  That kind of artistry is intoxicating, defining, enduring - and is a whole lot harder than impressing with sheer volume.  Holly's gift as an artist is that she can overwhelm us quietly - and that's exactly what we intend her to do when she gets here to our studio. 
 - Chris, Grow Music Project Staff
Here's some info about Holly Henry:
Holly is a 19-year-old musician based in Minneapolis. Singing since the age of three, Holly has developed into an artist whose evocative, ethereal voice has garnered national attention.  A multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter of depth and passion, Holly desires to continue growing as an artist, and inspire others with her words and music.
Check out "More Than Nothing" by Holly Henry -