Hometown:  Denver, CO

Why we love Instant Empire here at GMP:

E - N - E - R - G - Y.  The opening guitar hook of their track “Flickering Youth” is reason enough to like the song all by itself.  They don’t waste any time with “filler” moments in their songs.  There’s always this constant push and driving momentum that makes their music fresh and appealing - Instant Empire jumps out of the speakers with the full force and [did we mention] ENERGY of a band destined to go places.  Some bands take a minute to grow on you.  Instant Empire had us by the end of the first bar [of music - though we get the sense these guys would be plenty fun to drink with too].

Why you need to know about Instant Empire:


Melodically, they’re the definition of anthemic rock band, with lots of hook-y ear candy dished out in every song - from killer unison and harmonized guitar riffs to beautifully interwoven synth lines to an in-your-face vocal that coats the whole Instant Empire sound so well.  We think they are going to seize your attention by the, ahem... and you are going to want a lot more of them.

- Chris, Grow Music Project Staff

Here's some info about Instant Empire:
Instant Empire has a unique style of aggressive indie rock that has been compared to The Hold Steady, The National, Bright Eyes, Manchester Orchestra, Mountain Goats, Desaparecidos and Cursive. In the past three years, the group has self-produced three records and toured the Midwest a number of times in its highly questionable van, Ishneeda. As a band, these guys like to lose money, jump around stage and belligerently tell each other to shut up.

Check out "Flickering Youth" by Instant Empire -