GMP • The Session Diaries - Ep.#01 - Star and the Sea

Hometown:  New York, NY

Why we love STAR + THE SEA here at GMP:

Okay, we'll admit it. After listening to Star + the Sea’s music for the first time, we had a pretty instant crush. Sure, the recordings we listened to are raw and stripped down. Yes, the writing could be considered unencumbered. Or maybe it is sublimely, subliminally refined. In either case, it’s absolutely an example of why sometimes the best things are the simplest ones, and definitely one of the reasons why we feel her music is so effective. Dominique Star accompanies herself with a single simple one-note guitar line, or her ukulele. She sings almost quaint melodies with a voice that could conjure a variety of vintage chanteuses gone-by, but still sounds fresh and current and all her own. She writes melodies that make you feel like you’d swear you had already heard them before, even though they are in truth unique and original. And so, we couldn't get through more than about five seconds of one of her tracks without having to proffer up all sorts of these reasons why we felt her songs work so well, and why we thought she was an artist to be added to the Grow Music Project. Not that we would have pressed stop after five seconds of one of her songs. More like we played each of them repeatedly five more times afterwards. To our ears, her songs are so universal and so likable that, actually, we challenge anyone to keep from listening for more than those first five seconds. And if you manage to pull that off, well ok. But trust us, you’re missing out.

Why you need to know about STAR + THE SEA:

Give "Winter in New York" a listen. The media player below has it all set up and ready to go. We were instantly put into a dreamy, happy place with this track [as we think you’ll be with her]. Before you reach the chorus, you'll be wishing her music was in your itunes library. She's the kind of artist you want to go and tell everyone you know about. It may be “simple”, but it'll resonate with you in the best way. And like us, you'll be singing her melodies for days.

- Ryan, Grow Music Project Staff

Here's some info about Star and the Sea:

Star and the Sea is the project of 21-year-old indie/soul songstress Dominique Star. A self-described old soul with a young heart, her songwriting is inspired by Shakespeare, bad decisions, and the opposite of Taylor Swift. Her sound combines the edgy vocals of Fiona Apple and Bat for Lashes with the jazz and soul inspired pop of Kimbra and Florence + the Machine.

Check out "Winter in New York" by STAR + THE SEA -